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Alan Wake Shorts are Live, Here’s a Trailer

by Kyle Lehtinen Apr 25, 2010 5:30 PM CST
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With Alan Wake's launch fast approaching, Microsoft and Remedy thought it a good idea to put out a couple short prequel videos, titled Alan Wake "Bright Fall", leading up to the game's launch. The trailer above gives a peek at what's in store for the mini series when it premieres on Xbox Live on April 27... and is currently available on the New York TImes website. So you can either wait for the series to show up on Xbox Live or just go to New York Times and watch it now. Your call.

[via Destructoid]

Microsoft Thinking About Adding TV Channel to Xbox Live

by Kyle Lehtinen Apr 21, 2010 9:19 PM CST
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There have been some rumblings over at bloomberg.com that Microsoft, along with previous News Corp. President Peter Chernin, is considering adding a subscription based TV channel to Xbox Live that would feature reruns of original television programs for a $1 to $2 subscription premium on top of the Live's annual fee.

Microsoft has refused to comment on the proposition but the idea is being discussed internally according to an insider who broke the news to Bloomberg. Chernin has also approached popular entertainment icon Conan O'Brien before he was picked up by Time Warner's TBS. Whether or not this new channel would fill a niche that Netflix or Microsoft's current media offerings couldn't already fill is arguable, especially with internet sites like Hulu already providing essentially free programming. Provide the service sans any type of advertising and wemight turn our heads a little.

BNG Video Tribute: A Salute to the Original Xbox Live


by Kyle Lehtinen Apr 16, 2010 3:58 AM CST
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Original Xbox Live Service Still Running…For Now [Update!]

by Kyle Lehtinen Apr 15, 2010 12:25 PM CST
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[Update]: It's official guys. The service is now retired.

Microsoft had announced that the Xbox Live service for the version 1 Xbox would be cut off April 15th but, well, it's not cut off yet.

Last night hundreds of gamers got on to play their favorite original Xbox game, mainly Halo 2, to give proper send off to their game's online functionality. Anticipation of the cut off gradually grew till it peaked at 12:01 AM this morning, at which time matchmaking, at least in Halo 2, was still working. The latest word today is that people can still get on and play.

There isn't any official word yet on why the service is still available. Xbox Live support will eventually be terminated though so soak up what you can before its really gone for good.

This is Your Last Chance to Play Original Xbox Live Games Online

by Kyle Lehtinen Apr 14, 2010 1:24 PM CST
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Microsoft is pulling the plug for Xbox Live service on the original Xbox and the games that run on it. This includes major titles like Halo 2, Battlefront 2, and Mechassault, just to name a few. This is the last day you can play any of these games through Microsoft's online infrastructure so if you've been meaning to get one last game of MLG Lockout in Halo 2, this is your last chance...unless you play it at a LAN party.

Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Series Featuring Xbox Live Support

by Tyler Treat Feb 15, 2010 12:37 PM CST
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Microsoft announced its Windows Phone 7 Series today, which ties together Xbox Live games and Zune media onto a mobile device. Manufacturers are already building phones according to the software company, and the first line will be available this holiday.

"This hub delivers the first and only official Xbox LIVE experience on a phone, including Xbox LIVE games, Spotlight feed and the ability to see a gamer's avatar, Achievements and gamer profile," the company said. "With more than 23 million active members around the world, Xbox LIVE unlocks a world of friends, games and entertainment on Xbox 360, and now also on Windows Phone 7 Series."

Original Xbox DLC Back Up

by Tyler Treat Feb 12, 2010 12:55 AM CST
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Original Xbox DLC went offline shortly after Microsoft announced it was dropping support for the system. It appears the content was taken down in error, and now it's back up.

"If you're looking for the DLC for Original Xbox games, it should be back available on #XboxLIVE," tweeted Xbox Live's Major Nelson. "Thanks for waiting."

The content will be back up until its originally scheduled date of April 15.

This is your final call to download content for all those great games like Forza Motorsport, Ninja Gaiden and Halo 2, the latter of which might be important if you plan on sending off the original XBL with Bungie.

Bungie Responds to Microsoft’s Drop of Xbox Support

by Tyler Treat Feb 6, 2010 3:55 AM CST
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Microsoft announced yesterday that it would be flipping the proverbial switch off for the original Xbox Live service, effectively boning any gamers out there still playing Halo 2 and the likes on their big black box. Bungie has responded to this move, saying that it's "saddened" to see the era come to an end.

"Halo 2 fans take note – you have ten weeks left to play multiplayer games over Xbox Live before the service will be discontinued," they wrote in a statement.

"We're all saddened at the realization that an era is coming to an end but looking back, we're incredibly fortunate to have had such a great run and such strong support from our fans," continues Bungie. "Halo 2 has been at or near the top of the Xbox Live charts for original games since it launched over five years ago.

"That said, mark your calendars now - on April 14th let's all rally to go online for one last hoorah. One final farewell and one final opportunity for all of you to kick our asses at Halo 2."

Microsoft Dropping Support for Original Xbox Live

by Tyler Treat Feb 5, 2010 11:09 AM CST
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Original Xbox users, your time has come. Microsoft will no longer be providing support for the original Xbox Live, but this isn't just affecting Xbox owners, it also affects those with the Xbox 360 because this move also drops support for forwards compatible Xbox games on the Xbox 360.

"On April 15 we will discontinue the Xbox Live service for original Xbox consoles and games, including Xbox v1 games playable on Xbox 360 and Xbox Originals," wrote Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten. "I want to start by saying this isn't a decision we made lightly, but after careful consideration, it is clear this will provide the greatest benefit to the Xbox Live community."


AVP Demo Coming This Week

by Tyler Treat Feb 1, 2010 7:36 PM CST
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Aliens vs. Predator fansite AvPGalaxy reports that a demo for the new Aliens vs. Predator game is coming this week on Thursday, February 4 for Xbox 360. Apparently, an Xbox Live Spotlight ad revealed the incriminating information.

It's unclear whether the demo will feature single player or multiplayer, but Rebellion has noted before that they hope gamers will be able to enjoy the demo "online," as in multiplayer. There's also no word on if we'll be seeing a PC and PS3 demo.

As you probably noticed, we're pretty excited for this game.

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