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Auditorium Coming to Major Platforms

by Tyler Nov 4, 2009 10:33 AM CST
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Today indie developer Cipher Prime signed a deal with publisher Zoo Games to get the developer's award winning game Auditorium onto major console platforms.  Early next year Auditorium will be available on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PSP Go.


Non-Profit XBLA Game Announced

by Tyler Nov 3, 2009 12:34 PM CST
filed under news, xbox 360

Non-Profit XBLA Game Announced

OneBigGame, a non-profit video game publisher, has announced its first game to be published. It's called Chime, and it's a block puzzle game fused with music-creation elements. The goal in the game is to cover different grids with irregular shapes, each of which has a unique sound effect, forming blocks called quads. As the grid is covered, the song playing in the background will build up (kind of like the game Everyday Shooter). Once the entire grid is filled, the entire song is unlocked.


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