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Scriptwriter: Gameplay Trumps Story

by Tyler Treat Jan 8, 2010 7:43 PM CST
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A compelling narrative might be an important quality in a game these days, but according to Assassin's Creed scriptwriter Corey May, it's still not as important as gameplay. Speaking to Industry Gamers, May discussed how he has to adjust his story writing so that it fits with the gameplay of a title.

"The game is changing all around me – every day. Even if it's small and subtle shifts, it can impact the story – levels or maps can vanish – new ones could appear," explains May. "Maybe someone changes a mission objective but forgets to tell me. Other times I have to deal with stuff that’s considered 'cool' from a gameplay perspective but nonsensical from a narrative one. And I can't say no. I shouldn't say no! I have to find a way to make it work. Story doesn't come first. Gameplay does. And I'm okay with that. I agree with it."


The Ten Best Narrative Video Game Masterpieces


by Tyler Treat Jan 5, 2010 8:01 PM CST
filed under features, pc, ps2, ps3, top 10, xbox, xbox 360

Every so often, a game comes along with a story that truly blows us away. We're very thankful for these games, for they help us get through our mundane job of playing video games, specifically all the crappy ones that no one else wants to play. That's why we thought it would be appropriate to give the best of these games the recognition they deserve. This list only includes 10 games. Not because there's only ten games with excellent narrative experiences, but because ten just seems like a good number, and I don't feel like writing a list of 100 titles (call me lazy or call me smart, either would be correct). There may have been hair-pulling and fist-throwing during the selection process, but we believe we have come up with a very strong list of narrative masterpieces -- not definitive, but damn good.


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