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What Zelda Could Have Looked Like in HD

by Kyle Lehtinen Jan 29, 2010 6:33 PM CST
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We would like to think that Nintendo is kicking itself for not releasing a more hardware-capable Wii, but we all know Nintendo's current stance on HD gaming. They may douse us with cold, cruel realities, but at least there are dedicated fans to let us see the dreamier side of things. Ever wonder what The Legend of Zelda would look like in high-definition glory? A talented hand with a knack for modeling and Valve's source engine can give you a pretty good idea. See a whole gallery of photos here.

[via Kotaku]

Half-Life 2 Gets an Upgrade

by Tyler Treat Jan 5, 2010 11:52 PM CST
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In its heyday, Half-Life 2 was one slick-looking game, and it's still a decent-looking game today, just a little flat and dull. It lacks HDR, color correction, and a number of other fancy features. The Source engine has gone through a number of iterations since it was first introduced back in 2005, so one individual decided it was time to give the ole' HL2 a face lift. Using the Orange Box version of Source, he's made the game a little more shmexy. Who knows what the legal implications are (after all, this is a re-make of the entire game), but the mod requires gamers to have both Half-Life 2 and Episode 2. Regardless, I  don't think Valve has caught wind of it yet.

The mod is 1.44GB in size, and it's strewn about Rapidshare, Megaupload and a number of other file-hosting sites. After the break is a side-by-side comparison between the original and the updated.


Will It Ever Release? Black Mesa Gets Delayed

by Tyler Treat Dec 12, 2009 3:39 PM CST
filed under news, pc


The complete recreation of the original Half-Life utilizing the Source engine, Black Mesa, is getting another painful delay. Initially scheduled to make a 2009 release, the game's sadly getting pushed into next year.

"Unfortunately, to our great disappointment, Black Mesa will not make a 2009 release," wrote the Black Mesa project leader in the game's forums. "Cynics may now rejoice, bets may be collected, and I think a mod team member has to eat his shoe, but we hope our loyal fans will forgive us and realize that the delay will translate into a better final product that's (hopefully) more easily available to everyone."

"Once again we apologize for what has to be very disappointing news. We placed a 2009 deadline on ourselves to motivate us and bring this 6 year project to a close. And while we didn't quite make it, we have come very close, and you can expect a complete, polished game to hit your hard drives in the near future. We'll be sure and update if anything changes. Until then, hang tight, it's coming!"

So there you have it, no Black Mesa this year. It sucks, I know, but it's probably for the better. This is Half-Life we're dealing with. Can't risk screwing this one up.

Top 10 Half-Life Mods of All Time


by Tyler Treat Nov 20, 2009 1:07 AM CST
filed under editorials, features, pc, top 10


The Half-Life franchise has the biggest mod community of any game. We’ve seen some amazing mods created by independent developers, some of them have grown to become major titles themselves. Here’s our list of the top 10 best Half-Life/Half-Life 2 mods ever.


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