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Sony: PSP to See ‘Big, Big Titles’ This Year

by Tyler Treat Feb 20, 2010 4:27 PM CST
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The PSP hasn't exactly been the most steady platform in the industry, especially with the outright miserable launch the PSPgo experienced. Industry Gamers recently spoke with SCEA Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations, Rob Dyer, about the current state of the PSP and what Sony is planning to do about it. Dyer explains how piracy has really hurt the PSP but says that they are addressing it. He also promises that "big" games will be coming to the platform this year.

"I think we had a great lineup last year. The biggest problem that plagued PSP was piracy; we have not been able to slow that down," said Dyer. "We think we have some answers going forward, but we're not ready to talk about that publicly at this point. So we're working on fixing that, because that's been a big problem. Publishers, when they put out good games, are not getting the same sales results that they got a few years back. So piracy's been a big issue and we're working on that very diligently to bring about some solutions.

"That said, we still have a very robust lineup this year from third parties on the PSP, starting with Metal Gear Peace Walker," he continued. "I won't go through the whole lineup because I want our third-party partners to make those announcements, but there are some big, big titles coming out this year and you'll see those announcements at GDC, DPS (Destination PlayStation) or E3. We're into the sixth year now on the platform, and that's a long time for a handheld. I think given where we're at right now, we're doing very, very well. But yes, the business has had problems and I think it all stems, candidly, from the piracy."

[via TVGB]

Sony: PS3 Better for Publishers Than Xbox 360

by Tyler Treat Feb 17, 2010 11:12 AM CST
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Although the PS3 had a bit of a rocky start, 2009 was a big year for the console with the release of the Slim model. SCEA senior VP of publisher relations Rob Dyer believes the PS3 is "better for publishers than 360," and the price cut had a "huge impact" on Sony's sales. With that, Dyer took some shots at Microsoft and its Xbox 360.

"They had a year's head start against us, so we've been playing catch-up ball," he explained. "Before the price cut, they had a two-to-one advantage; if you were a third-party publisher looking at the index, you should have been selling twice the number of units on the 360 as you would on the PS3."

Dyer also criticized Microsoft's first-party labels, saying they don't have enough strong labels or an internal development studio.

"They have very few first-party studios at Microsoft. Bungie's next Halo is the last one, Rare rarely puts out anything, you've got Peter Molyneux with his Fable stuff...but they don't have first-party development studios inside at Redmond or anywhere for that matter," he added.

"We do," he countered. "So rather than putting their money behind that, they've been going to Epic or Valve or BioWare to do what they did with Mass Effect, and that's where they throw their dollars.

He concluded by saying, "Candidly, we're not going to compete with Microsoft on that front, but what we have is a global business here. Our global business is bigger than 360's and will continue to get bigger than 360, and people are seeing that. We passed them in Europe and they don't even exist in Japan, and we're going to catch them and pass them here in the U.S. as well."

[via Industry Gamers]

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