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Resident Evil 4 For iPad Doesn’t Look Half Bad

by Kyle Lehtinen Apr 5, 2010 12:03 PM CST
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So the iPad is out now if the none stop coverage on practically every single tech blog wasn't enough to clue you in. With the release of Apple's touch pad wonder many games meant to utilize the added power and screen real estate of the iPad have made their appearance including both new titles and upscaled versions of iPhone games. One among them is Resident Evil 4 which, quite frankly, doesn't look all that bad visually.

Capcom ported over RE 4 for the iPhone last year and the end result was a bit lacking on the visual and control side. Since I don't own an iPad I can't say whether the latter issue has improved much with the larger screen, but if you tak a gander at the screen shots Kotaku was kind enough to post its definately apparent that the game benefits from the added rendering capabilities of the iPad.

Resident Evil 4 for iPad is currently available for download on the iPad App. store for $12.99. If anyone gets some hands on time with the game fill us in on what you think.

[via Kotaku]

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