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Yager: ‘Spec Ops: The Line is the most provocative shooter you have ever played’

by Tyler Treat Jan 5, 2010 8:34 PM CST
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Remember Modern Warfare 2? Of course you do, it sold like a gazillion copies. You might remember a little mission called "No Russian" then. It stirred up quite a controversy. Does a game have to be provocative to sell? Obviously not, but it can be beneficial, even if it means negative press coverage.

Cory Davis of Yager Development, the team behind the game Spec Ops: The Line, said that Spec Ops is going to be provocative. So provocative in fact, that it might just well be the most provocative game ever.

"Spec Ops: The Line is the most provocative shooter you have ever played," he commented while speaking with GameSpot. "It means, essentially, that we have a very strong focus on narrative in the game and we put the player into situations where you have to make decision between what is moral and what is necessary."

What do you make of this? Does a narrative need to be provocative in order to be engaging to the player?

The Ten Best Narrative Video Game Masterpieces


by Tyler Treat Jan 5, 2010 8:01 PM CST
filed under features, pc, ps2, ps3, top 10, xbox, xbox 360

Every so often, a game comes along with a story that truly blows us away. We're very thankful for these games, for they help us get through our mundane job of playing video games, specifically all the crappy ones that no one else wants to play. That's why we thought it would be appropriate to give the best of these games the recognition they deserve. This list only includes 10 games. Not because there's only ten games with excellent narrative experiences, but because ten just seems like a good number, and I don't feel like writing a list of 100 titles (call me lazy or call me smart, either would be correct). There may have been hair-pulling and fist-throwing during the selection process, but we believe we have come up with a very strong list of narrative masterpieces -- not definitive, but damn good.


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