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The Old Republic Will be the Most Expensive MMO Ever

by Tyler Treat Dec 23, 2009 2:20 AM CST
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Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the most expensive MMO ever created. Period. With complete control of the Star Wars license and by providing a fully-voiced MMO in three different languages, EA is clearly putting all they've got into this title. The BioWare team used as many voice actors as possible, giving each character a unique voice in the game. Not only that, but characters have different voice interactions, meaning you'll hear different things when different characters talk to each other. And did we mention the content? This game's got a lot of that too. We did some digging to see just how much effort is going into this seemingly mammoth game.

"We have literally thousands of roles which are voiced in our game," said Gordon Walton, BioWare co-studio director. "which are done by many, many hundreds of voice actors, so there's not like not one voice actor doing 2,300 people. They're doing a few roles, and those roles tend to be pretty damn different too.


Final Fantasy XIV to Rival World of Warcraft

by Tyler Treat Dec 17, 2009 12:42 PM CST
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A bold move, but developer Square Enix is considering Final Fantasy XIV to be a serious rival to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, according to the company's president, Yoichi Wada. In an interview with Develop, Wada spoke about the company's ambitions with the upcoming MMO game as well as their expectations.

"WoW is a tough competitor, but whether you are talking about EverQuest, Ultima or Lineage there has never been a company that has a continuously successful number one and two MMO," he said. "Yes, [Final Fantasy XIV is a serious rival to World of Warcraft,] but the flipside is that they are a tough competition."

"We believe there is a number of people that will stay attached to each title, but we are optimistic in that sense for Final Fantasy," added Wada.

Square Enix recently started invited gamers to participate in an open beta for Final Fantasy XIV. The game is expected to release on PS3 and PC sometime next year.

Blizzard’s Next MMO is Sci-Fi or Fantasy

by Tyler Treat Dec 8, 2009 2:07 PM CST
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We have literally been given no information on Blizzard's next MMO project. To this point, it's been referred to, even by Blizzard, as the "Unannounced MMO." However, today we got a tiny hint on what the game might be, nothing groundbreaking, but still information nonetheless. A job posting for the developer indicates that the game will be either sci-fi or fantasy related. The posting, which is for a 3D character equipment artist, reads:

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for an exceptionally skilled 3D character equipment artist for a team focused on next-generation massively multiplayer online games. The ideal candidate has extensive experience modeling and texturing a diverse visual range of character armor and weapons. A solid grasp of armor and weapon design, structure, color, and light for the creation of both 2D and 3D art assets is essential. The 3D character/character equipment artist must have a skill in another art task as well (illustration, modeling, texturing, animation, or concept drawing), and be well-versed in related tools -- Maya, Photoshop, etc.

Blizzard has explicitly stated that the next MMO won't replace World of Warcraft, and a Blizzard manager mentioned that the game would be an entirely new franchise. This pretty much proves that it's a new IP, also meaning we won't be seeing a StarCraft or Diablo MMO. Shame, I was pulling for a Lost Vikings MMORPG.

16,000 Users Banned from Aion

by Tyler Treat Nov 24, 2009 10:53 PM CST
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Nearly 16,000 users have been banned from the Western version of the MMORPG Aion. Most of the users have been banned for using third-party software (botting) and taking part in gold farming. Community manager Andrew Beegle made a post in the game's official forums saying that the bannings were part of a server-wide reboot.


Guild Wars 2 Coming in 2011

by Tyler Treat Nov 11, 2009 9:36 PM CST
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NCSoft announced that Guild Wars 2 will be releasing sometime in 2011 and that beta testing will begin next year.

"I believe there will be a certain public event in the year 2010, so at this point it could be at least a closed beta test for [Guild Wars 2]," said NCsoft West CEO Jaeho Lee. "The commercialization will be expected at this point probably sometime in the year 2011."

Guild Wars was known for being a free-subscription MMO. Whether or not Guild Wars 2 will be free on a monthly basis has yet to be verified.

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