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Microsoft Game Room Goes Live, Falls Flat on Its Face, Gets Up Again

by Kyle Lehtinen Mar 24, 2010 2:28 PM CST
filed under microsoft, news, pc, xbox 360

Microsoft launched their virtual game room service today on Xbox 360 and Games for Windows. The service launched early this morning and had a very nice loading screen and not much else due to a technical glitch that kept the service from loading properly on both platforms. Luckily, the issue was later resolved and now a few handfuls worth of 70's and 80's arcade classics are available for your nostalgic pleasure... for a few of your money dollars cash.

Within the game room you can choose to play some arcade classics for the equivalent of $.50 a game, that is to say you pay $.50 for one round on a single game. You can also purchase full games for about $3.00 worth of Microsoft points if microtransactions, arcade style, aren't really your thing. 

Microsoft is promising that around 1,000 classic arcade titles will eventually make it to the service in the future. Not much by way of official word has been given if more modern arcade games will ever make it to the virtual arcade, but rumors are out there that Dreamcast games could be added at a future point. Total speculation sure, but its nice to dream.

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