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Mega Man 10 Video Review


by Kyle Lehtinen Mar 24, 2010 2:44 AM CST
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Mega Man 10 Review


by Kyle Lehtinen Mar 4, 2010 4:53 PM CST
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The blue bomber returns to his element once again in Capcom's retro throwback title Mega Man 10, the second game modeled after the series original 8-bit roots. Mega Man 10 offers some new features to the formula including an easy mode to make the game more accessible to the easily frustrated and the ability to play through the game as Proto Man from the start, but does this manage to keep the game fresh or is the nostalgia starting to wear thin?


Surprise! Mega Man 10 in March Starting with the Wii

by Kyle Lehtinen Feb 12, 2010 11:39 AM CST
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Capcom has announced their latest 8-bit throw back featuring the blue bomber will release for all three major consoles this March. Wii will get the game first through WiiWare on March 1st, followed by PS3's Playstation Network on March 11th, and 360's Live Arcade on March 31.

Hell yes! I must admit that I have a special weakness for Capcom's blue bomber and his 8-bit roots so I'm going to be all over this. Anyone who may find retro Mega Man to be a bit too punishing should be happy to know you can pansy out with a new easy setting, which is something Capcom hasn't included since Mega Man 2.

Official Mega Man 10 Promo Trailer

by Tyler Treat Dec 18, 2009 1:11 AM CST
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Here it is, the official Mega Man 10 promotional trailer in all its 8-bit greatness, straight from the Mega Man 22nd birthday live stream.

Mega Man 10 Set for March

by Tyler Treat Dec 12, 2009 1:36 PM CST
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Earlier this week, we found out that Mega Man 10 is on its way. We've been receiving a steady stream of information on the game, such as the unveiling of a new boss, Commando Man, as well as the news on Sheep Man. Additional difficulty settings, playable characters, online rankings, in-game achievements and an item shop are other features being added to the game.

Today, we have even more news for you. Capcom has revealed that the game is expected for a March 2010 release date on WiiWare. Mega Man 10 looks like it will include everything that has made the franchise so popular all while piling on fresh additions to the game.

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