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Splinter Cell Website ‘Hack’ Update

by Evan Volm Dec 1, 2009 11:15 AM CST
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Ubisoft has yet again sent out a tweet notifying its followers of their hacked Splinter Cell website, this time giving users a different redirect.

"www.splintercell.com update: we are continuing attempts to resolve the site hacking. The redirect appears to have changed..."

Once the page loads it appears to accept a password of sorts to continue.  Once translated it's really quite basic; it 'loads' a cryptic terminal, Raven System, then asks for a password to continue.  It really doesn't offer any clues as to what the password is, but 'Enter a site: 59.935903,30.321429' seems suspicious.

Gotta love the smell of a new ARG.

Splinter Cell Website Hacked

by Tyler Treat Nov 26, 2009 12:19 PM CST
filed under news


Ubisoft revealed on its Twitter that the Splinter Cell website was hacked, saying, "www.splintercell.com has been hacked. We are trying our best to resolve the situation and will update ASAP." The hacked website greets users with a message in Russian, which roughly translates to "Occasionally the security system will be switched off for planned work and data protection. During such work may be a breach in security from external threats. Thus, all off would be a random character in accordance with a random pattern of Delta-3-6-Oscar."

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