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Shattered Horizon ‘Moonrise’ DLC Trailer

by Evan Volmering Feb 16, 2010 12:37 PM CST
filed under dlc, pc

Shattered Horizon Gets Major Update

by Evan Volmering Feb 11, 2010 1:24 PM CST
filed under news, pc

Futuremark Games has released a major update for Shattered Horizon, which includes voice-chat, new ranks, improved MPR grenade and more.

  • Added in game voice chat support offering talk to team, talk to all, player muting and global disable.
  • Improved ranking system adds 50 new experience ranks better tailored to both new and existing players.
  • Rank promotions now appear on the in-game HUD.
  • As a player ranks up cosmetic changes are added to the space suit to distinguish between new and experienced players in game.
  • Tutorial screens added to main menu.
  • MPR grenades have been made more effective against flying targets.
  • HUD targeting brackets no longer appear on spawning astronauts.
  • No longer possible to hit tankshots from the front, or visor shots from behind.
  • Main menu, level loading, team selection and match results screens have been redesigned.
  • All game audio has been re-mastered to improve dynamic range.
  • Added sound effects for when a round has 2 minutes left and 10 seconds left.
  • In game chat now supports special characters such as ä, ö , é …
  • Server browser list now refreshes every few seconds. Dead servers are removed from list.
  • Added Rules Info page to server browser screen.
  • Added support for 5:4 monitor resolutions such as 1280x1024. (more...)

Two Futuremark Employees Leave, Possibly Due to Poor Sales

by Evan Volmering Dec 20, 2009 4:27 PM CST
filed under industry, news, pc

What an awesome Christmas season this is turning out to be.  Two Futuremark employees, Petri Jarvinen (Level Designer) and Nick Renqvist (Audio Designer) have posted on the official Futuremark forums that they are no longer working for the company.  As you might know, Futuremark recently released Shattered Horizon, a multiplayer-only FPS-Z for just $20 on the PC (digital download only).


New Shattered Horizon Gameplay Footage

by Evan Volmering Nov 2, 2009 4:12 PM CST
filed under pc, videos

Futuremark Games Studio has released new gameplay footage of Shattered Horizon, a multiplayer first-person shooter that takes place in zero-gravity and gives players complete freedom of movement.

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