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Like MLB 2K10 Gameplay? Here’s 9 Minutes of It

by Kyle Lehtinen Feb 22, 2010 10:48 AM CST
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Like baseball? Like gameplay of Baseball? 2K games is showing off their latest baseball game MLB 2K10 with a nine minute clip of in game action for your viewing pleasure. The footage shows off the games tweaked pitching and hitting systems with a few doses of fielding action sprinkled through out. What can I say? It looks like baseball.

Final Fantasy XI Safe From Closure, Despite Rumors

by Robert Hastings Feb 19, 2010 10:52 PM CST
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Final Fantasy XI is by no means the highest profile online role-playing game on the market, but despite its arduous difficulty when compared to newer games in the genre, as well is its near eight full years of operation, it still boasts a considerable (and profitable) subscriber base just shy of 500,000.  It’s knowing those numbers that made the recent rumors that the game would be shut down upon the release of Final Fantasy XIV -- XI’s multiplayer successor -- just a little startling, but it seems that Square Enix President Yoichi Wada has taken it upon himself to put a stop to the spread of this particular fabrication.

“There seems to be some rumor that FFXI is ending,” Wada broadcasted over his personal Twitter feed.  “But, if that was done, we’d be in trouble.”  The actual quote in Japanese can be found at the bottom of this post.

This obviously stands as welcome news for the hundreds of thousands of players dedicated to Square’s debut MMORPG title.  As showcased in earlier examples such as EverQuest and its 2004 sequel, it’s likely that quite a large number of these subscribers will opt out of making the jump from one game to the next, or that many of them will be willing to continue paying for their Final Fantasy XI account even while playing XIV as a method of avoiding the loss of so much work.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is scheduled to release this year for the PlayStation 3 and PC.

「FF11」が今年で終了!? 和田社長「そんなことされたら困りますっ ><」
[via Kotaku]

Kratos was Almost an Elf

by Tyler Treat Feb 19, 2010 12:59 AM CST
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In a parallel universe, there exists a God of War game where the protagonist is a diminutive, bow-wielding, pointy-eared creature. According to Ken Feldman, the lead environmental artist on the first God of War title, had the original design concepts for the game's hero not fallen through, Kratos, our god-fearing hero, would have been "a little elf."

"I think it took us a year-and-a-half to come up with Kratos," said Feldman in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK. "That was the most difficult thing. Everything had to be based around this character -- the story, the weapons. The first guy we came up with was a little elf character, he was hysterical. His animations looked like Disney."

OPM features a 10-page retrospective of God of War, revealing that Kratos was not only almost an elf, but also nearly "an escaped slave" and even "a blind monk carrying a baby." Fortunately, lead designer David Jaffe had a clear idea of what he wanted.

"I wanted to make a game that really spoke to my passion for action-adventure movies," explained Jaffe. "My love of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Greek Myths -- specifically the Harryhausen stuff like Jason And The Argonauts, Clash Of The Titans -- and my love of games like Adventure on the Atari 2600, and Devil May Cry and ICO, and kind of mashing that into one thing."

I think it's safe to say we're all happy with the way Kratos turned out in the end.

[via CVG]

January NPD: Wii Takes Top Spot (Again)

by Tyler Treat Feb 12, 2010 12:47 AM CST
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The January NPD Group figures are in, and, once again, Nintendo's Wii takes the top spot for most units sold (and now it's sold out). Total industry sales came in at $1.17 billion, a drop of 13%, with hardware falling 21% and software falling 12%. Gaming peripherals did, however, see a slight increase of 2%.

Although the PS3 had a strong December, its January sales dropped off a bit at 276,900 units, putting it again behind the Xbox 360, which sold through 332,800 units. As per usual, the Wii and DS were the real winners, selling 465,800 units and 422,200 units respectively. The PSP sold 100.1K units and the PS2 trailing off at 41,600.

In terms of software, New Super Mario Bros. Wii was the top-selling game. This might come as a surprise considering Mass Effect 2's critical acclaim, but the game had a very late release. Five of the top ten selling games in January were Wii titles.

[via Industry Gamers]

NHL 2K11 in Development After All?

by Tyler Treat Feb 9, 2010 12:46 AM CST
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Although it seemed likely that NHL 2K11 was getting canned by Take-Two, it appears that there still might be hope. A recent ad listing, picked up by a Kotaku tipster, points out that 2K Sports is seeking musicians for the NHL 2K11 soundtrack.

"2K Sports is looking for a band who can provide a song to help round out the NHL 2K11 soundtrack," reads the listing. "NHL 2K11 is the latest in a series of critically acclaimed hockey games, due out in September 2010." Bands that are chosen will receive $3,000 compensation (as well as some nifty exposure).

The posting expired January 20, and it was created January 6, which was well after 2K's announcement saying the company was "evaluating" its sports portfolio.

FIFA 10 Pushes 10 Million

by Tyler Treat Feb 9, 2010 12:25 AM CST
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EA announced during its investor call that its FIFA 10 had sold 9.7 million units by the month ending December 31, 2009. The game launched outside North America in early October with a late October release stateside. It's very likely that the title has already broken the 10-million mark by now considering the dated information EA divulged. It's estimated the game sold 5.2 million units in December alone.

The publisher recently announced 2010 FIFA World Cup would be releasing April 27.

[via GI.biz]

Choose Who Gets the Madden Curse

by Tyler Treat Feb 4, 2010 8:56 PM CST
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The cover athlete for Madden 11 will be chosen by voters for the first time ever. EA has teamed up with Doritos for the voting. Among the choices? Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

To vote, just head over to the Doritos Change the Game website. You can vote once a day.

So, who will be the next to receive the Madden curse? Let's just say Saints fans better hope their team wins this Sunday.

Aliens vs. Predator ‘Infestation’ Trailer, Demo Arriving Tomorrow

by Evan Volmering Feb 3, 2010 11:16 AM CST
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In addition to a new trailer, SEGA has revealed that an online multiplayer demo will be released for Aliens vs Predator on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and STEAM on February 4th.

The multiplayer demo will allow gamers the chance to play as all three species – the Colonial Marine, the Predator and the Alien – and pitch their skills against each other in Deathmatch mode on Refinery, one of the game’s multiplayer maps. The game is set to release on February 16th in America, and the 19th in Europe.

NBA 2K10 Breaks Two Million

by Tyler Treat Feb 2, 2010 7:14 PM CST
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2K Sports announced today that NBA 2K10 has sold over two million units worldwide, an astonishing 60% increase over 2K9's sales last year.

"We're proud of what we've accomplished this year with NBA 2K10, and this milestone is another fantastic reason to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the NBA 2K franchise," said 2K president Christoph Hartmann. "We would like to thank all of our loyal fans for their dedicated support and look forward to the continued success of this title."

What's perhaps more surprising is Mike Wang is returning to NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts after working at EA Canada for 18 months. Wang was the lead designer for NBA Live, and he was a huge part of NBA Live 10's success. It doesn't end there. Wang also had some harsh words for EA Sports, ESPN reports.


Lego Harry Potter Confirmed for May

by Tyler Treat Feb 1, 2010 1:05 PM CST
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Warner Bros. has slated Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for a May release. The confirmation comes in the form of a new trailer, showcasing year two,  released today.

Along with the trailer were some new screenshots, shown after the break.


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