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God of War III is Jam Packed, All 40GB of It

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 12:45 PM CST
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God of War III takes up nearly 40GB of Blu-ray disc space, according to Tim Moss, director of technology at Sony Santa Monica.

"35Gb of goodness. Thank heavens for Dual Layer Blu-Rays," the exec tweeted on Sunday before he later added, "Euro version is bigger, in low 40's. 9+ languages."

This news, of course, quickly follows word that the game has gone gold and entered production on Friday. It's set to release March 16.

[via CVG]

Motorstorm 3 Gets Unofficial

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 12:00 PM CST
filed under news, ps3, rumors

SCEE registered the domain name www.motorstorm3.com recently, which interestingly takes you to the PlayStation's UK website. Spotted by The Gaming Liberty, the domain was registered January 19, suggesting that Motorstorm 3 is on the way.

Sony has responded, saying to not look too closely into this. "It's not uncommon for us to secure the URLs containing the names of our successful IP, and those actions should not be interpreted as an announcement of a new title in a franchise," the company said in a statement.

Could we be seeing Motorstorm 3 at E3 later this year?

AVP Takes Number One Spot in UK, Fastest-selling Game of 2010

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 11:54 AM CST
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Aliens vs. Predator made a surprising debut last week, knocking out BioShock 2 from the top spot in the UK charts after just one week. It's also now the fast-selling game of 2010, according to GfK Chart-Track data (which doesn't even include digitally distributed copies).

BioShock 2's sales fell 71% since last week, bringing it to the number three spot. Just Dance has maintained its position at number two.

Check out the full top 10 after the break.


Pachter: Natal to Cost Just $50

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 11:48 AM CST
filed under news, xbox 360

After predicting Microsoft's Natal to outsell Sony's Arc five to one, analyst Michael Pachter has said what he believes will be the price point for Microsoft's device. He expects the reason Natal will do so well is because it will retail for a lower price, which he predicts will be $50.

"My guess is for Natal, which is really important for them, they're going to price it at or below their cost," he said in the latest episode of his new show, Pach Attack. "Talking to my hardware specialist colleagues at Wedbush, it's about $50 in cost. Now I may be wrong, and I know we're going to get flamed by 13-year-olds with PhD's in Engineering who know a lot more about hardware than we do, who'd say maybe it's going to be seventy bucks, but I'd be very surprised if it was more than $79. I really think it's going to be $50."

Natal, set to make a big splash at E3, will be launching later this year.

[via 1UP]

UAE Bans Heavy Rain

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 11:43 AM CST
filed under news, ps3

Sony confirmed this morning that Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain has been banned in the United Arab Emirates. MEGamers originally made the report, and Sony has sent Kotaku an official statement.

The UAE's National Media Council (NMC) has banned Heavy Rain on PlayStation3. Heavy Rain has an 18+ PEGI rating and has been conceived from the earliest stages as a genuinely adult experience. This means that it deals with strong content including blood and nudity, but treats this content in a mature and sensitive manner. The game is not intentionally controversial or sensationalist, and all the themes and content are consistent with what consumers would expect to see in a mainstream Hollywood thriller.

No specific reason was given, but it's obvious it was because of the game's "adult" nature.

Rumor: NBA Jam Coming to PS3, 360

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 11:37 AM CST
filed under news, ps3, rumors, wii, xbox 360

According to the LinkedIn profile of an EA software engineer, the new NBA Jam originally announced for Wii is also heading to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Although it's since been changed, this suggests that there might be some yet-to-be-made announcements. That, or it was an honest mistake, but we're hoping for the former of the two.

The game is expected to release later this year.

[via Superannuation]

Valve Takes a Jab at ‘Sh*tty Party Games’

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 11:30 AM CST
filed under news, ps3, wii, xbox 360

Half-Life 2 developer Valve slammed "sh*tty" shovelware party games and said it would never place a "tiresome" mini-game for Natal in Left 4 Dead despite showing interest in the device.

Valve writer Chet Faliszek told CVG that the studio believes Project Natal is "really cool," but they hope other developers don't waste the opportunities it presents.

"Hopefully we've gotten past the point of mini-games," Faliszek said. "I'm sick of that [makes arm movement]. That's not a game for me anymore. Let's get some real interaction going.

"We have these technologies now that let us interact in different, really exciting ways. It's developers' jobs to do something with it. Impress me. Don't just make sh*tty games I wouldn't want to play if I had to use a joystick."

When asked if Valve would ever implement Natal into Left 4 Dead, the writer replied, "We'll see. You won't have to make the arm movement of sawing off a zombie's head in some tiresome mini-game. I can promise you that."

Fallout Creator Talks About the Series

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 11:22 AM CST
filed under news, pc, ps3, xbox 360

In a recent interview with Duck and Cover, Fallout creator, Tim Cain, said that he's "really enjoyed" Bethesda's Fallout 3, but he also says he would have done it differently.

"I played and finished Fallout 3 as soon as it came out," said Cain. "I really enjoyed the game, and I think Bethesda's designers had really done their homework. The game showed they had a deep understanding and knowledge of the key aspects of the original games. I even replayed it a few times to see how I could have different experiences, and I had fun with that.

"Of course, I would have done things differently if I had made it."

Cain also touched on Project V13, the Fallout MMO currently in development by Interplay. "The possibilities really are endless. I've hung out with Chris [project head] since he went to Interplay, but I don't really know what he is planning," he continued. "But I get to be a happy customer like all of you when it ships. Sometimes not knowing is a good thing, because then you get to feel the anticipation with everyone else!"

Check the full interview out over at DAC.

BioShock 2 DLC Plans Revealed

by Tyler Treat Feb 22, 2010 11:00 AM CST
filed under dlc, news, ps3, xbox 360

2K Games today announced its "aggressive" post-launch DLC plan for BioShock 2 that will extend both single and multiplayer. Sinclair Solutions Test Pack will be the first content, available this March on XBL for 400 MS Points and on PSN for $4.99. More DLC packs are planned to release "over the coming months."

Sinclair Solutions Test Pack will include the following:

  • Rank Increase to level 50 with Rank Rewards
  • New playable characters Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca
  • 20 new trials
  • A third weapon upgrade for each weapon
  • Five additional masks

If you haven't already, check out our review of BioShock 2 here.

Capcom to Make a ‘Huge Announcement’ This April

by Kyle Lehtinen Feb 22, 2010 10:52 AM CST
filed under news, ps3

Capcom's John Diamonon let slip a little teaser at the PlayStation Blog regarding the publishers upcoming plans Here is the man's own written words:

"Oh, one other thing. I'll be back in April for a huge announcement. Stay tuned and let the speculation begin."

What could it be? A new digital download title? A remastered classic? Another Mega Man game? Your guess is as good as mine.

[via Destructoid]

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