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Good Game? I Think Not!


by Jonathan Yeong Dec 15, 2009 8:51 AM CST
filed under editorials, features


When we were young, there was no distinction between a AAA title and a badly done Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game. As kids, there was only one deciding factor on whether we liked a game. It had to be fun. So, now looking at games in a more informed light, is being fun the only factor that defines a “good” game?

In my experience, there really isn't a substitute for fun. If a game is fun all the way through, then it's not, by definition, a good game, it's a great game. However, so many games these days don't make parts of the game fun. Now, with the stunning visuals, immersive storylines and a not-so-unique combat mechanics, games these days slap the gamer with so many incoherent and disjointed layers until they finally submit that the game was “fun,”  so how do we break through this almost comatose-like state of placateness and determine whether a game is good?


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