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Capcom, Other Developers Have Maxed Out Consoles?

by James Pikover Apr 26, 2010 6:41 PM CST
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According to a recent report from Tom's Guide, Capcom's US VP stated to an audience attending the 3D Gaming Summit that Capcom, as well as other game developers, have already managed to use 100% of the processing power of game consoles. While this is no surprise for Nintendo's Wii, and perhaps the Xbox 360 because it's similar architecture to the PC, the 3-year old PlayStation 3 is still confounding many developers, and even those in Sony's own ranks haven't made such bold claims.


Dante’s Inferno PSP Review: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Gamer’s Scorn


by James Pikover Mar 26, 2010 1:19 PM CST
filed under features, handhelds, psp, reviews

On a home console, Dante’s Inferno offers players a view of hell never before witnessed in gaming, much less any other form of digital media. Only literature has managed to captivate our minds so brilliantly, even though the console version of Visceral Games’ reinterpretation of the first segment of Dante Aligheri’s Divine Comedy failed in bringing audiences to hell. So too does its portable sibling so blatantly miss success, this time by Artificial Mind and Movement, known more recently for such titles as WET and, well, many a PS2, Wii and portable console ports. (more...)

5 Awesome Things About God of War III


by James Pikover Mar 16, 2010 12:03 AM CST
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God of War 3 isn’t perfect, but we still love it, even more after our chat with Game Director Stig Asmussen. Summing up its greatness is hard without spoilers, but in this case, spoilers are abound. We'eve already exposed the downsides to God of War 3. Now let's look at the highlights. (more...)

5 Things That Suck About God of War III


by James Pikover Mar 15, 2010 11:53 PM CST
filed under editorials, features

God of War 3 is an excellent game. I think it’s, in many ways, the best exclusive PS3 title thus far. But it ain’t perfect, and we're all about finding the best, and worst, in games. As critics, it's our job to point out the extremes on both sides, so here, we discuss the darker side of God of War 3. (more...)

Yes, You Can Beat God of War III in Around 8 Hours


by James Pikover Mar 15, 2010 11:23 PM CST
filed under editorials, features

A post by Ken Feldman of Santa Monica Studios, the developer of God of War 3, stated on the God of War forums that it took their fastest tester 12-13 hours to complete the game. As a game reviewer, I don't consider myself privy to special knowledge or skills, especially considered to testers, who literally play games 8-10 hours a day, and more often 6-7 days a week. But this is a false statement, as I completed the game in roughly 8 hours, 35 minutes, including the end credits and cutscenes. This screenshot is of my final auto-save:

Originally, I thought this was the last autosave upon fighting Zeus, but apparently it's the final cutscene before killing Zeus, so thankfully no spoilers there. Video below for non-believers. And just so you all know, there's nothing wrong with 8 hours of brilliance. Nothing at all. And no, I didn't run through the game, I played every bit and never restarted. Beat the game in two sittings. (more...)

Stig Asmussen on God of War III’s Ending


by James Pikover Mar 15, 2010 9:17 PM CST
filed under editorials, features

When I’d set out for GDC, God of War 3 was fresh in my mind. I’d just beat the game a few days earlier, and while my brain still today staggers in awe of the grandiose nature of Kratos’ finale, one rotten tart left a sourness only someone who helped make the game could remove. I didn’t intend to find a cure to my ailment concerning the end of the game, which you can read about here, but instead received some important, and somewhat numbing and humbling, food for thought.

It all came from a chance meeting with Stig Asmussen, Game Director on God of War 3. (more...)

First 25,000 OnLive Pre-Registrants Get 3 Months of OnLive Free

by James Pikover Mar 10, 2010 12:35 PM CST
filed under industry, news

Ready for OnLive? After their GDC Keynote, OnLive has been officially announced to release on June 17, 2010, and that the first 25,000 registered users will get their first 3 months of OnLive, normally $14.99 per month, free.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

via OnLive Blog

No, God of War 3 Isn’t Not Perfect

by James Pikover Mar 9, 2010 12:30 AM CST
filed under news

No wonder game review scores are broken. 100/100 isn't perfect. Thanks Metacritic!

New Shank Gameplay Footage Revealed, More to Come At GDC

by James Pikover Mar 8, 2010 7:35 PM CST
filed under news, ps3, xbox 360

Just released from Klei Entertainment is a brand, spankin' new video of Shank, featuring all gameplay footage. Check it out and enjoy!

Kill Isaac Clarke, Find Yourself In Dead Space 2

by James Pikover Mar 8, 2010 11:10 AM CST
filed under news

Ever wanted to be in a videogame? Visceral Games, developers of Dead Space and Dante's Inferno, is making it easy. Just kill Dead Space and Dead Space 2 protagonist Isaac Clarke and record it, either on video, on paper, or in text. Then sit back and watch the magic happen...or, more likely, look at other submissions and rework yours.

The contest, completely on Facebook (which means you'll need an account, on the off-chance you don't), is simple: upload your video/picture/text, and wait to see if you're a winner. All submissions are open to the public to see, and the ten best ideas go online to be voted on. Should you be the proud winner, you'll be featured in Dead Space 2.

Hopefully as some poor engineer who gets speared in the throat.

Dead Space 2 Contest

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