Conspiracy, Zombies and Pharmaceuticals

The latest outing in the Dead Rising saga has Chuck Greene still trying to clear his name after the horrible events of Fortune City. With the help of his trusty duct tape and the aid of the original Dead Rising protagonist Frank West, Chuck sets out to expose pharmaceutical company Phenotrans for who they really are While not introducing anything entirely new, Case West does make a big splash for an arcade title. The Phenotrans facility is vastly bigger than the small town of Still Creek featured in Case Zero, along with the bigger locale comes a plethora of new weapons such as the Bone Saw, Impact Hammer and Electric Prod. Along with new weapons come with new enemies, only a few though, such as the Security Personnel who come  equipped with Assault Rifles, regular and flash grenades and sometimes Riot Shields, the Zombie Handlers who are only equipped with the electric prods, and then the Heavy Security Personnel that come equipped with the impact hammers.

The game play remains largely the same, kill zombies, save survivors and make it out alive. Case West does something new with the level Chuck (or Frank) starts out at, the way survivors behave, which character you play as in co-op and how Frank West plays. This time around Chuck (or Frank) starts out as level 40, as opposed to the normal level one. You have access to all of Chuck and Frank’s moves except for one. All of the normal stats such as your attack, speed, damage, etc. are all leveled out to a well balanced state. The survivors, on top of being capable of fending for themselves when left unattended or overlooked, now save themselves too. Either save the survivor or do their little side quest they ask you to do and your work is done. When co-op is initiated, the player hosting is always Chuck, the player joining is then Frank. So for those of you who love Frank, you are going to have to join someone else’s storyline. Frank plays a tiny bit different than Chuck, the only way that I noticed was that Frank’s move set and that he moves a tad faster.

All in all, this is a great game. For fans of Dead Rising and for those who just want to slay zombies, Case West definitely delivers. Though it is a tad costly at 800 Microsoft Points ($10 for those of you wanting the equivalence to real money) I would say that is a must buy. My final score for this is a 10 out of 10. Play this awesome title and you will know why I chose this rating.

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