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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

by Josh Nov 3, 2009 9:37 PM CST
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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Yes, I know that no game is perfect, how can one be? However, it does deserve a solid 10/10 due to it being not just technically better than pretty much all games out there, but the sheer content and fun factor will make this game enter the history books in my opinion.

So, Uncharted picks up where Drake left off, another grand scheme wheres things don't go as they planned, same story structure as the first but treats it in a very different way. I've seen many reviewers say that it lacks originality in the story and its feature, but I disagree, whats original now days anyway? The story structure like I said, isn't very original but its how it develops and how it was treated, this is what I think is most spectacular. The way it develops is unique, some plot twists are predicable but the way the happen is damn original to me.
However, I still think the overall story of Drakes Fortune is better (minus the zombies) but that doesn't mean Uncharted 2 story isn't bad, it takes it to a different level just lacking a bit more mystery.

One complaint i did have, was that you replay chapter one twice mid-way through the game which really made no sense. The game play was slightly bashed as being unoriginal either saying it combined already great aspects into one, but doesn't that make it original? creating its own experience, what other game lets you shoot while hanging on a sign meters off the ground?

On to the presentation, the game looks stellar, however I think the graphics in game are more sharp in Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 has a different way of showing its visuals. The environment is without a doubt the best looking in any game I have played, the buildings, water, snow, sky and snow (did I mention snow?). They all look amazing, while scaling around the earth there's always a great view to look at. However to me the character models were not as top notch as games like Metal Gear Solid 4, but the character animations most certainly were. All and all, an extremely atmospheric game which is a HUGE immersion factor which it has been so highly praised about. There are little graphical slip ups, only the very rare low-res texture or pop in.


The sound aspect is not a let down either, in fact no aspect of the game is a let down which makes it so great. It has a great sound track in the game that sets the mood nicely in menus, cutscenes and general gameplay. Also one of the most important things that makes Uncharted stand out is the dialogue, Uncharted has one of the best scripts in a video game.Witty remarks, small amounts of cheesy lines, interesting story and dialogue and fantastic voice acting, they really out did themselves. Not just the cut scenes that added to the story but the dialogue while playing the game, Drake will have a interesting conversation with his companion while on his adventure. Most memorable dialogue was on top of the hotel when Nathan goes for a swim, won't spoil it for those who haven't played it.

Uncharted 2's gameplay plays similar to Drakes Fortune but has improved in almost every way, clunky controls are now spot on and feel right. A very polished stealth mechanic has been added, before the enemies spot you, you can pick them off one by one until discovered and hand to hand combat is improved. Extra weapons are added with more gameplay segments, shooting while a building is collapsing around you is pure fun. I encountered a few gameplay issues like glitching in a wall or grenades getting stuck but very minor.


Another thing Uncharted 2 has improved on is its pacing, the first game was criticized for its long segments of gunplay and a bad balance between acrobatics, puzzles and gunplay which Uncharted 2 has nailed. Gun fights never seem to drag on too long, puzzles are a small letdown though, they are way too easy and involve no brainwork. I also wish that there are more puzzles in the game. There are also unlockables which include skins, videos and tweaks like the first one, medal points are back and trophies as well. I can confidently say that Doughnut Drake is back as well. He even gets wet and has a deeper voice, that's depth. Overall, the single player is a VERY satisfying experience and has set the new bar for games.

As for the multiplayer, I was utterly impressed. When I heard online was being added to the game I choked, Uncharted seemed (at least to me) a strict Single Player experience, but once again Naughty Dog has proved me wrong by delivering a fantastic online experience. Having many multiplayer modes, including deathmatch, plunder(capture the flag like) and co-op and survival, Uncharted 2 will be played from years to come.

The Lowdown


Final Thoughts

Overall I am extremely impressed with the game, being a huge fan of the franchise ever since the original was released, Naughty Dog has read all gamers minds and delivered a game which everyone can enjoy. It has not only raised the bar in story telling but in a technical aspect as well, containing breathtaking visuals and solid physics, I leave you with this..
Buy the game now and be 'In like Flynn' on the action.

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